These are essentially the ‘Races’ of the setting, serving the same purpose and adding flavor and diversity in the process.


Typical European citizen of the New World. Has a varied number of ways of proving himself.
Adaptability: One free Edge
Foreigner: Suffer -4 penalty to Charisma when dealing with Natives
Old World Technology: Upgrade Fighting and Shooting one die type when it is with a Musket or Blunderbuss


Man on a mission from God. More importantly, a mission from his Church.
Bolstering Faith: Start with a d6 in Spirit


One of them savages living in the woods. Supposedly able to track down a hare in the rain at night.
Feels Like Home: +4 bonus to resist all negative environmental effects
Lived off the Land: Start with a d6 in Survival
Savage: -4 to Charisma when dealing with Settlers


A crazy foreigner looking to make his fortune in the New World. Or maybe just looking to escape Old World trappings.
Hardy Constitution: Start with a d6 in Vigor
Live by the Sword: +1 Parry
Die by the Sword: Start with the Curious hindrance


Savage Worlds: Early Colonial Frontiersmen Venge Venge